Habits that Cause Damage to Your Teeth

All people have a bit or two. While some habits can be healthy and good, there are some that cause harm and damage. Do you chew your ice from your drink? Do you bite your nail? Do grind your teeth? Unfortunately, these habits are not just irritating to look at, they can also impose damage to your mouth, especially your teeth. There are a lot of ways on how to correct teeth issues, Lakewood Cosmetic Dentistry offers you a lot of methods to perfect flaws in your teeth. But still, prevention is better than cure. While there are foods and drinks that cause damage to your teeth, there are also habits that do the same. 

Tooth grinding 

If you are finding yourself grinding your teeth, you are not alone. Roughly 30 to 40 millions of people grind their teeth as a habit. Teeth grinding is also called bruxism. Bruxism can be linked to trait inheritance, stress or anxiety. There are even people who grind their teeth only when sleeping at night. Teeth grinding can cause much damage to your mouth and teeth including cracked teeth, chipped tooth enamel, flat, worn-down teeth, and even tooth loss.  


Your dentist may recommend wearing a mouth guard or reducing stress or some medications to treat bruxism.  


Chewing on Ice 

Ice has a crystalline structure similar to your enamel. When they push against each other with a force, there is a tendency of breaking your enamel. Weakened teeth can result in chipped and broken teeth.  




Tobacco dries your mouth which results in plaque and bacteria built up. In fact, tobacco users are linked to losing more teeth compared to nontobacco users. Another reason to quit smoking is that it can cause oral cancer. So ditch your smoking habit for healthier and stronger teeth and oral.  



Hard Tooth-Brushing 

Some people are just fast brushers than others. Brushing tooth fast, and harder strokes make one think that she/he is brushing the teeth well. Others also think that the faster and harder they brush, the quicker the job gets done. Unfortunately, this imposes damage to your teeth and teeth enamel. It is advised that you brush your teeth in a less vigorous way within two minutes.  



Biting Your Nails 

Nail-biting does not just cause chipping, cracking and wearing down your teeth over time, this habit can also lead to jaw issues. When you bite your nails, you are straining your jaw by taking it in an unnatural angle. Eventually, this can result in jaw dysfunction and other serious problems.  


To avoid this, trim your nails or wear bitter-tasting nail polish. In this way, you are discouraging yourself from biting the nails.  



Tearing Packaging with Teeth 

Teeth are designed for munching, smiling, articulating, and nothing else. Your teeth should not replace your knives and scissors, being so can be harmful to them. Other things you do that cause harm to your teeth include prying off bottle caps, opening potato chips with teeth, clamping onto bobby pins, and others.  

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